She Faded

She had the words , had the pen
she choose the paper to fill her sins in
then she started from one to ten
discovered she’s not anymore her grandpa’s hind
it was lost and shall be never found
those sins sentenced her soul to grounds

This burnt chest doesn’t seem to be healing

It all exists in science

Each muscle has a logical explanation for how it works

How it functions and the strategy of each jerk

They found answers for anything they can seek

Figured out how were the existence and the extinction

Pulled out our own ideas from our heads that were always in detention

These great brains make you feel like a rotten radish stuck in the corner

What did I do to be appreciated what did I discover to change the order

One day she came to me, said her chest was burning

Didn’t give much thought of what I’ve lost when I chased behind earning

She is worried as a child his mother disappeared when on her she was leaning

Now she is on the edge whishing she would wake up whishing she was dreaming

Worries have bashed our hearts and its scars won’t be soon healing

This burnt chest’s pain has no limits has no ceiling

Came across a child with big dreamy eyes

Had the look of a demolished star

To me he was close but way too far

Seen the wounds on him seen the scars

Asked him when will you draw your smile

Said when I’m close to home when I cross that mile

When I see my land out of war

Wish I never left or walked that door

Wish in silence slept and dream of the before

The struggle

Leaning on the closet door

Trying to pick up pieces of what I’ve already tore

I’ve never thought how would it go, not now not before

Keep your mouth shut like a wrecked door, you never had the chance to keep whatever you can hold

Another chance followed by another blow.Yes,I’m a girl …But some how still unborn

Wrapped by silky strings ,they say it keeps away the stings

Let me try and judge

Let me break the crust and find the nut

Expressing myself YES, better than chocking myself in a tight dress.

Voices rush

As if the noises in our brains weren’t enough, so god created mouths with poisonous tongue for these fools.

The idea of being able to put some people in mute mode is irresistible, or in my case, I would silence the whole world. Until I silence the noises in my brain, voice after voice, then I’ll have stamina to deal with the other voices.

When you grab my chin to turn my face towards you saying “Listen to me”, “Hear me”….in both cases I won’t. It’s because of me, not you. I have the problems of the world and when I’m with you, I have the urge need to solve them, so I can listen to you, hear you whenever you talk, whenever you speak. 

Generation in a maze

It all starts on a piece of a paper

Seek inspiration forget your hater

Find your profession a teacher a leader or even a sailor

Life is a train and people’s stories are recited in a trailer

Philosophical theories surrounded us from all directions

Our minds became like a compass that guide us to one direction

One direction where we want to find the secret of perfection

Perfection wants us to step on our manners and forget about our affections

Affections make us lost and trapped just like detention

All of these complications cage our generation in deterioration

But no matter what was the result of this opaque equation

We still have this spark that will unite the nations

Look in the history and memorize its past

There were empires going up and downs

As a proof that life is mortal and nothing could last

We are intelligent creatures who should fit on this great mass

Don’t tell me about your ambition of the A class

Don’t tell me that you are willing to be another politician in mask

Reality vs. Imagination

being right beside the fireplace doesn’t seem to warm me up enough, my body is almost burning, but my fingers are freezing, can’t feel them. It’s one of these times that your brain rewinds back to the memories which you’ve never had, you wanted them so bad, sometimes you were a victim and sometimes the criminal. We choose the role which we wanna play, MAGNIFICENT!, are we the only creatures who are capable of doing this?, if we didn’t have this vast unlimited imagination, we would’ve been lost in our lame boring reality.


I write this while admitting am not at my best, today is the first day of my 21 year

it’s like fresh paint, beautiful and clean…but you’re still  afraid to get close and sabotage your masterpiece that took you 21 years to create it. Am I fully grown now? because I still smell the mashed potato and eggs in the morning , with the shouts of my mom telling me to get myself dressed. I don’t believe that any of us ever wanted to grow up, no one wants to get closer to the edge every year. I want that smell to remind me of myself every morning, to hear the voices I love, and to stay alive year after year.