Reality vs. Imagination

being right beside the fireplace doesn’t seem to warm me up enough, my body is almost burning, but my fingers are freezing, can’t feel them. It’s one of these times that your brain rewinds back to the memories which you’ve never had, you wanted them so bad, sometimes you were a victim and sometimes the criminal. We choose the role which we wanna play, MAGNIFICENT!, are we the only creatures who are capable of doing this?, if we didn’t have this vast unlimited imagination, we would’ve been lost in our lame boring reality.

8 thoughts on “Reality vs. Imagination

  1. Ahh yes! I had a vivid imagination when I was a young girl and I’m glad I did. Walt Disney would never have envisioned or created the Disney cartoons or Disneyland if he hadn’t stretched his imagination. I say ‘Viva la imagination’ and keep going Sajeda! And thank you for following me. I like what I read on your blog – I will be following you. ๐ŸŒน


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