This burnt chest doesn’t seem to be healing

It all exists in science

Each muscle has a logical explanation for how it works

How it functions and the strategy of each jerk

They found answers for anything they can seek

Figured out how were the existence and the extinction

Pulled out our own ideas from our heads that were always in detention

These great brains make you feel like a rotten radish stuck in the corner

What did I do to be appreciated what did I discover to change the order

One day she came to me, said her chest was burning

Didn’t give much thought of what I’ve lost when I chased behind earning

She is worried as a child his mother disappeared when on her she was leaning

Now she is on the edge whishing she would wake up whishing she was dreaming

Worries have bashed our hearts and its scars won’t be soon healing

This burnt chest’s pain has no limits has no ceiling

Came across a child with big dreamy eyes

Had the look of a demolished star

To me he was close but way too far

Seen the wounds on him seen the scars

Asked him when will you draw your smile

Said when I’m close to home when I cross that mile

When I see my land out of war

Wish I never left or walked that door

Wish in silence slept and dream of the before


10 thoughts on “This burnt chest doesn’t seem to be healing

  1. What a wonderful introduction to you and your writing and your story. In general, I am a little speechless and in awe of the depth of this piece and keep re-reading it. Very happy to have crossed your path and look forward to reading more and learning more about your story.


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