I was told by the first parents who raised me that I was born in a different way, to be more accurate they told me I was found in an alley that is between a mosque and a church in Palestine. I was found naked wrapped by a rag and pieces of paper puzzles shattered all over my body, and the ink of each piece of the puzzle was leaving a stamp over my skin, the words were almost wiped off, but they managed picking the pieces together though it took them 250 days, for the puzzle was long and each piece of a different language , but no one ever told me what they meant, they kept it as a secret , I don’t ask them about the puzzle anymore, for I am the type who is satisfied with one and only one answer, which it was always no!. I grew up in a normal pace, just like any child, with three sisters and a brother. I never felt like I was a burden upon my first family, my eldest sister was very passionate about cooking and baking, she used to bake me a banana cake for she knew it was my favorite, and put it in my school lunch box. I had to make sure no one takes a piece of that cake. at home it felt peaceful, whenever I lay my head into my first mother Falasteen lab, I felt like my heart beat and hers are one, united in the same body, as if I can see each beat, her heart was special as much as mine. Her heart has its own lullaby, each beat pacifies me, it was loud and clear, mine is full of heat and warmth, she used to put her hand over my heart and starts reading parts of a book I never understood, but it felt peaceful and beautiful. This is my definition for beauty and peace.  palestine-flag

Reality vs. Imagination

being right beside the fireplace doesn’t seem to warm me up enough, my body is almost burning, but my fingers are freezing, can’t feel them. It’s one of these times that your brain rewinds back to the memories which you’ve never had, you wanted them so bad, sometimes you were a victim and sometimes the criminal. We choose the role which we wanna play, MAGNIFICENT!, are we the only creatures who are capable of doing this?, if we didn’t have this vast unlimited imagination, we would’ve been lost in our lame boring reality.